Why is My House So Dusty and What Can I Do About It?

Dirty air ducts can make your house dusty and unhygienic. You can also face numerous respiratory problems if you do not clean the air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. The harmful contaminants, dirt and dust get accumulated in the air ducts and can be extremely harmful if the ducts are not cleaned. It is not possible for every individual to clean the air ducts by themselves and hence they can easily opt for professional air duct cleaning Toronto services.

If you happen to have a dusty household, then you should go through the points mentioned below to get an idea about the major benefits of cleaning the air ducts regularly.

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Reduces Dusting

If the air ducts are cleaned on a regular basis, then the accumulation of dirt and dust decreases. The frequency of dusting your house also reduces. By opting for best cleaning services Toronto, you can make sure that the air ducts are cleaned on a regular basis.

Improves Air Quality of Your House

Researches have revealed that indoor air is more polluted that the outdoor air. By opting for duct cleaning Toronto services on a regular basis, you can improve the quality of air in your house. If you have family members who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, you should make it a point to clean the ducts regularly by opting for professional best cleaning services Toronto.

Improves Health

Air ducts accumulate dirt, dust, toxins, contaminants and mold with time. If the ducts are not cleaned at regular intervals, you might get respiratory problems and might become prone to diseases. In order to protect your family members, you should make sure that the ducts are clean.

Saves Money

If the dust and debris are removed from the coil, the energy consumption can be reduced. You can save a lot of money as the electricity bill will not be too high. By opting for best cleaning services Toronto, you can maintain clean air ducts very easily.

Reduces Allergens

If your family members are allergic, then you have all the more reasons to clean the air ducts. Cleaning the air ducts regularly reduces the chances of allergies and you can remain assured that your family members are free from diseases.

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Get Rid of Odors

You might get a musty smell in your house due to the accumulation of dust, mildew, fungi and dirt in the air ducts. It is not possible to get the odor removed by using air fresheners. The air ducts need to be cleaned in order to eliminate the foul smell.

Extend the Life of the Equipment

You can easily extend the life of the equipment by cleaning the air ducts regularly. If the air ducts are not cleaned regularly then the machine works harder and it might get damaged very easily. in order to make sure that the equipment works properly for a long period of time, you should clean the air ducts on a regular basis.

Professional duct cleaning services Toronto can help you to maintain clean air ducts without having to put in much effort.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes in Households

Bathroom renovation helps homeowners to sell their house for a greater price. But many times, it is up to the first home buyers to conduct the Richmond Hill bathroom renovation of houses that are affordable in places like Richmond Hill, without much-updated facilities. Since bathrooms are the busiest rooms in the house, it is vital to make good renovation choices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE9qTy1o02I

richmind hill bathroom renovation

This article lists most common bathroom renovation mistakes that homeowners make:

  1.   Doing it yourself

This might seem to be the cheapest option, but it may end up costing more. Professional builders, architects or renovators can help with the work more efficiently. The best option is to hire a licensed renovator for plumbing and electrical works, which can get damaged easily.

  1.   Lack of Planning

Homeowners usually don’t have much idea what to achieve with the Richmond Hill bathroom renovation. TO begin with, they should chalk out a plan and identify the different processes that are required. The plan should revolve around the space available and what are the things that need to be fixed. The bathroom is used frequently, so the functionalities should be chosen carefully.

  1.   Lack of Ventilation

The best and natural way for ventilation in the washroom is through windows. But all bathrooms may not have a window, or the space required to make one. Ventilation fans are great options and can dry excess condensation and moisture, which will prevent the growth of mold in the long run.bathroom-renovation

  1.   Spacing issues

Spacing should be done so that the functionality of the bathroom is not hampered. The spacing of the bathroom should be planned before the renovations. This can help to avoid movement of water pipes and drains in different places.

  1.   Bathtub removal

Richmond Hill bathroom renovation for many homeowners means removal of the bathtub. Families with young children prefer houses in places like Richmond Hill with bathtub. Replacing a bathtub might a better plan.

  1.   Lighting issues

Inappropriate lighting can cause unwanted darkness and shadows. It is one of the most important functions in the bathroom. The makeup looks different as per the lighting conditions in the bathroom. Bathroom renovation should include checking the lights for maximum reach.

  1.   Keeping the aesthetics consistent

Consistency is important for bathroom renovations. Fixtures and fittings should be selected made up of the same material and complementary color to match with the theme of the entire room.

bathroom renovation richmond hill

  1.   Waterproofing issues

Waterproofing is the most common defects in bathrooms. Bathroom renovations should take care of the waterproofing to prevent the growth of mold. Hiring an expert will help in waterproofing the bathroom.

  1.   Lack of storage

A plan should be made so that all the toiletries can be stored. Shower shelves should not be overlooked during Richmond Hill bathroom renovation as they might be used almost every day.

  1.   Asbestos issues

Asbestos might be required during Richmond Hill bathroom renovation in houses of Richmond Hill. Asbestos is found in bathroom walls, floors and even ceilings in homes built a long time back. Replacing the asbestos or even using a new material can be an important part of bathroom innovation.

Notting Hill Condos: A Blend of Opulence and Convenience

Notting Hill Condos is a new pre-construction project set at 4000 Eglinton Avenue West in Etobicoke. This luxurious development project by Lanterra Development is at the major intersection are Eglinton Avenue West and Royal York Road.

Notting Hill Condos is a mixed-use development entailing five towers A, B, C, D, and E. Tower A will be a 24-storey, B a 33-storey building B, Towers C and D will be 30-storey and 27-storey respectively and E will be an 18-storey tower. The principally residential development project would also consist of commercial retail space on the ground floor of towers B, C, and D.

notting hill condos

The main highlights of Notting Hill luxury condos are that it is literally a few steps from the TTC stop, a quick drive away from Hwy 401, with nearby schools and public community centers, located very close to Richmond Hill Town, with easy access to the Park and Shopping. The site of Notting Hill Condos is placed on the west of the Humber River and the Crosstown LRT’s forthcoming Mount Dennis station. Lanterra’s proposal is to build 1,900 residential units stretched out across five towers of 33, 30, 27, 24, and 18-storeys each.

This extravagant condos project is specially designed by Page + Steele/IBI Group Architects. This five-tower community would be ruled by 1,370 one-bedroom units joined by 390 two-bedroom condos and 114 three-bedroom residences. The towers will also include 26 bachelor condos. The towers will have 1,647 residential parking spots and 190 guest parking spots and the parking facility will be spread across four underground levels.

The Notting Hill Condos would strategically position each tower in a way to form a community with the 33-storey ‘Tower B’ in the center to serve as a height peak for the community along with the shorter buildings surrounding the east and the west. The central tower would ascend from an 8-storey foundation with retail and amenity space at its ground level. These towers would have residential amenity space at ground level.

Notting Hill Condos has a walk score of 50 out of 100 and a transit score of 66 out of 100. This location of this community-based condominium is in the Humber Heights-Westmount neighborhood of the city of Toronto. There are plenty of parks and greenery nearby this condos community such as Scarlett Heights Park, Ukranian Canadian Memorial Park, and Scarlett Mills Park.

Notting Hill Condos is an amazing residential community for individuals, families, and couples with all the much-needed amenities at a reasonable distance.

6 Tips for a Successful Estate Sale

According to a study, your parents stuff will not hold any value in Estate Sales.  In case it does, it is going to depend on the type of stuff that your parents actually had. If it holds any value then real estate sales might be worth trying. Real estate sake is the sale of everything that is present in the house. This way you will be able to sell more stuff than you could have in your yard sale. In case you are hiring a professional estate sale company, the business is going to take commission out of the sale’s gross proceeds.

Two Types of Estate Sale Buyer

An estate sale does not need to have highly-priced items in order to be successful. However, there are two kinds of buyers when it comes to Estate Sales, regular folks and re-sellers or dealers. If you have high-end items, it is going to draw more people to the sale.

estate sale in toronto

Take a look at the six simple tips to ensure that the estate sale is a success.


You have to check if your stuff warrants a real estate sale. Hence, you have to find out a reputable real estate sale professional so do the walk-through and are able to give you an assessment. There shouldn’t be any fee for initial consultation. If you have to choose a good Estate Sales company, you have to start by asking family members and friends for some reference. You can also look for companies that are located over the internet.


You should not throw away anything. At times, things that are appearing like a junk to you might be valuable to them. Estate sales staffers have been trained to know what is wanted. This will help you to decide what to give away or junk.


Allow a window of around a month in advance of the sales for properly setting up the home. An experienced and skilled estate sale team needs around five days for getting things ready.  Starting from Thursday to Sunday are known to be the profitable days for estate sales. The days that sales are not going to happen are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

estate sales


You need to make the Estate Sales presentable and attractive. Clean the house and make sure that you are cleaning undamaged and clean items. In case the item includes special equipment, you might want to get to bid from store or dealer that specializes in things like this. In case this does not work, you should try donating it to the non-profit organization.


You need to take lots of pictures of what should go up for sale. Thereafter, you post the photos on the real estate site. You should have a professional photographer in hand for taking good photographs of the Estate Sales.  It is necessary to keep the expense in mind when you think about holding a real estate sale.


Make sure that you set up signs in the area where your home is located. These should be like the ones which are used by the real estate agents.

Ultimately, there might be people who will want your parent’s stuff and will be willing to pay some money for them.